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Sailing Era: How to Reach Correct Destinations



Sailing Era: How to Reach Correct Destinations

Sailing Era is a Role-Playing Strategy game in which players will get to explore the sea with 4 different characters and find the lands to make history. However, the game is a bit complicated as it does not show the waypoint or a marker on the map where you want to go so, it can be a little confusing on how to reach the correct destinations.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to reach the Correct Destinations in Sailing Era.

Reaching the Correct Destinations

Read the Dialogues and Speeches

New players will find it hard to adjust to the game as it shows so many dialogues and speeches on the screen that new players might not read and skip. However, useful information is told in the dialogues and the speech must be noted with responsibility. As your character will be sailing to different lands and ports, the character will meet with many NPCs that will give you quests or tell you about the hidden items that you can find.

You need to read the dialogues between the characters and the useful information that you need to keep in mind is the dialogue written in Yellow Color. Mostly the coordinates of the location that you need to go to are written in Yellow Color. Sometimes the direction of the location is told. So, you need to play patiently to work around the story of your character. Otherwise, you can get lost in the great sea and when you run out of supplies, you will have to restart from the last checkpoint.

Use the Compass

Every ship has a compass that can be seen around the ship. When you are controlling the ship, you need to go in the required direction that you are told. If you have noted down in what degrees you want to go then just simply raise the anchor of the ship and set sail towards that direction to reach your destination.

Use the Auto Sail

Every Port or Land that you discover in your gameplay will be available for the Auto Sail and you can activate the Auto Sail to go there automatically. It is like fast travel but you still have to view your ship sailing in the ocean. To do the Auto Sail, you need to go into the Sail Preparation before sailing and assign sailors. After assigning sailors, you need to select the View Routes, and then you will get to select the land or port that is discovered by your character.

Select the Port/Land and then press the X button to start the Auto Sail. Make sure that you have enough supplies for the journey because sailing can take days and you must have enough supplies for the journey. Press the X button before marking the route to refill your storage.

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