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Sailing Era: How to Set Sail



Sailing Era: How to Set Sail

Sailing Era is a Role-Playing Strategy game in which players control 4 different characters from 4 different countries. All the characters are explorers and they are eager to set sail into the great ocean to make history or Revenge. Players can choose between different characters and start playing their side of the story. As sailing is one of the most things that you will be doing in the game it is best to know how it works.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to set sail in Sailing Era.

Setting Sail

After going through the introduction of all the characters and choosing one for you. You will be given a brief introduction to the Ports and after that, you will get to set your first sail on your Ship.

Fill Supply Storage

In order to set Sail, you will have to make sure that your Supply Storage is full. Because setting Sail requires different types of goods and people that need supplies and if you don’t have enough supplies, you will start losing people on your sail.

To fill the Storage with supplies, you need to select the Sail Preparation option while going for the Sail. Before confirming the sail, press the X button to fill the supply storage. It will ask you to refill the storage with goods for the trip. Make sure to buy the refill of the goods for the trip. Once the storage is full, you can confirm the sail by pressing the Y button.

Control Anchors of the Ship

You will have control of the ship where you have to control the ship by using the Left Stick and change the view distance by using the Right Stick. However, the important thing in the water is to control the speed of the ship by raising or lowering the anchors.

There are three stages of the anchors and you can put them as you like but going much faster can be troublesome because if you miss your destination, you will have to turn your ship back and in that time, you will lose hundreds of supplies. To raise and lower the anchor, you can control it by pressing the LB button and RB button. Pressing the RB button twice will raise the anchor to the highest level and the speed of the ship will be maximum.

To sail to lower distances or ports, you can put the sail on the second stage. If you are docking on the port then put the anchor at the first stage and then press the A button to dock at the port.

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