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Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened – How to Solve ‘Who Ruined the Strand’ Puzzle




There are a lot of mysteries in Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened that players will get to solve. Players will get to gather evidence from different locations and once they have all pieces of evidence, they will get to solve the puzzles. One of the earliest puzzles in the game is ‘Who Ruined the Strand’ which is a necessary puzzle for progressing ahead into the main story.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Solve the ‘Who Ruined the Strand’ Puzzle in Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened.

Who Ruined the Strand – Puzzle Solution

To solve the ‘Who Ruined the Strand’ Puzzle, you must have the following pieces of evidence.

  • Book from Barnes
  • Newsboy’s Testimony

Book from Barnes evidence can be collected from the apartment early in the game. To get the Newsboy’s Testimony, you will have to go outside and you will see a newspaper seller across the street. Ask the Newsboy questions to get the Newsboy’s Testimony.

After that, you will get to solve the puzzle “Who Ruined the Strand” with the Mind Palace mechanic. Open the Case Book and switch to Mind Palace. Here, you will have to interlink the Black Circles with the Evidence to solve the puzzle. The evidence will be represented by Blue and Green orbs so, by interlinking the correct evidence, you will solve the puzzle.

Mind Palace Puzzle

To solve the “Who Ruined the Strand” puzzle, interlink the Black Circles with “Book from Barnes” and “Newsboy’s Testimony”. It will solve the puzzle and you will get the answer “Barnes, the local bookseller, ruined the Strand”. By solving the puzzle, you will unlock the evidence named “Mr. Barnes is involved in the Scheme”.

After that, you will get to go to Mr. Barnes to visit him in his Shop.

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