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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the Modern Axe



Modern Axe

There are a number of Weapons that players will find in Sons of the Forest. Players will find Guns as well as Melee Weapons by exploring the island. One of the Melee Weapons that can be found in the game is Modern Axe which is the strongest Axe in the game and it will let you chop down trees like they are nothing.

In this guide, We’ll tell you how to get the Modern Axe in Sons of the Forest.

Modern Axe Location

Players will get a Tactical Axe right at the beginning of the game but it is good for cutting down the small trees and gathering sticks. It will help you survive at the start of the game but when you have collected enough resources and materials, you need to start exploring the island to find useful items.

In order to get the Modern Axe, you need to head towards the GPS Locator from which you get the Flashlight. It is closer to the Mountain so, follow the “Pink i” sign on your GPS Tracker device to get to the location. Now, once there, you need to climb down the cliff carefully and you will see tents near the pond.

Modern Axe Location

Getting Modern Axe

Once you have reached the location, you need to go to the camp in the middle and you will see a dead body holding a larger Axe. Hold E to equip the “Modern Axe”.

Pick Modern Axe

Now, a new Axe will be added to your inventory and you can add it to your backpack as well. It will deal more damage to enemies as well as chop down trees more quickly.

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