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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the Rifle



Sons of the Forest: How to Get Rifle

Sons of the Forest patch 7 update is live now and it has a number of new additions to the Island along with new content related to the actual story as well. The number of Cannibals and Mutants has been increased in certain areas of the island as well as new bosses that have been added to the end-game. In order to take down the cannibals, players can use the new Rifle that has been added in the latest patch. The Rifle has its own ammo and it deals tons of damage to stronger cannibals so, it is very useful to keep the Rifle in the inventory, especially in the end-game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Rifle in Sons of the Forest.

Rifle Location in Sons of the Forest

The Rifle can be found on a Soldier’s Body but players will have to go to a specific location to get the Rifle. The Soldier’s Body is located inside the Far East side cave on the island from where players actually get the Golden Armor. However, the cave has been redesigned and the cave has more areas to explore. Like in the previous patch, the cave will be blocked with wooden planks so, make sure to break them with the Axe to get inside the cave.

Rifle Cave Location

Before going into the cave, make sure to come prepared as the path that leads to the Rifle is filled with Mutants, Fingers, and Babies.

How to Get the Rifle in Sons of the Forest

Once players have made it inside the cave, they need to stay on the right side of the cave. As the cave has been redesigned, there will be more space on the left side that can lead players to another route. So, stick to the right side of the cave and be careful of the mutants along the way. Take out the mutants or just run along the path to reach an area with water. Here, players will be required to have a Rebreather so, make sure that you have one and equip it to use under the water.

Upon diving into the water, stick to the bottom of the water to follow the path. As players, come out of the water, they need to head straight until they see an area light up with lanterns on the right side. Go ahead in the area and there will be a number of babies that need to be taken care of. So, do that, and then the body of the Soldier will be on the right side at the end of the route.

Pick Up Rifle from Soldier's Body

Pick up the Rifle from the body and there will be some Rifle Ammo lying on the floor as well so, make sure to pick that up. Rifle Ammo is difficult to come by so use it only absolutely when necessary and players will get to restock Rifle Ammo before they enter the Golden Door in the end-game.

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