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Sons of the Forest – How to Get the Tarp Back



Get Back Tarp

Players will come to find a lot of different resources in Sons of the Forest but one of the most important resources in the early game is Tarp. Players will find Tarp at the starting area of the game where they will be able to build a tent with the Tarp but it is hard to find more tarp later in the game so, it will be useful to get back your Tarp after sleeping in it or saving the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Tarp back in Sons of the Forest.

Why Tarp is Important?

At the wreckage area, you will find a Tarp that can be used to make a Tent by combining it with a single Stick or more. Now, using the tent will allow you to either save the game or sleep to regain back energy. Since, you will be discovering more areas and finding clues to progress ahead in the story, you will have to save game and sleep in newer areas.

It will also require you to either make a new tent for which you will need a Tarp or you can make a Bed made with sticks. For the bed, you will also have to make a shelter which will require more of your energy and even more resources so, it is best to keep your Tarp with you after using it.

Getting Back Tarp

Now, in order to get back the Tarp, you need to equip your tactical Axe or the one you have and strike the sticks under the Tarp to break them. It will place your Tarp on the ground and you can grab it by pressing the E Button.

Now, if the Tarp is placed in open position and you do not see any button, you will have to stand at the edge or above it and you will see an option to fold the Tarp. You will have to hold down the C Button to fold the Tarp and your character will fold and pick up the Tarp.

Retrieveing Tarp Back

In order to quickly save or sleep, setting a tent is the best option so, make sure to get back your tarp every time after using it.

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