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Sons of the Forest Will Be Leaving Early Access and Launching its V1.0 with Shawn Ashmore Voicing Timmy



Sons of the Forest V1.0

Sons of the Forest Early Access has been live since earlier this year, February 23, 2023, offering the classic survival experience to the players on an island while finding the missing persons. It is the sequel to the original game, The Forest, and offers everything but great as the original game. The story of the Sons of the Forest is decent and concludes with multiple endings allowing players to witness the ending that they want.

As the Early Access of the Sons of the Forest has been a great success, the Endnight Games (developer) has announced officially that they will be launching its V1.0 on February 22, 2024, exactly one year after the early access release. Not only that but the Endnight Games announced that they will be expanding the role of Timmy (side character) and his story with the voicing done by Shawn Ashmore, Quantum Break’s main protagonist.

With the changes in Timmy’s character and his story, the main story of the Sons of the Forest might also get additional quests that will lead to existing multiple endings or new endings. However, there hasn’t been any confirmation on main story changes but Endnight Games might update on further notices regarding changes in the game that players can witness in the V1.0 release.

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