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Sony turns to air freight to avoid delaying PlayStation 5 shipments to the United States



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According to Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad, Sony has already booked planes for PS5 shipments to America — the company is doing everything to meet the demand for consoles and not create a shortage. He received the information from the head of Delta Air Cargo, which deals with cargo transportation by air.

Ahmad separately stressed that this does not mean that Sony has completely switched to air transportation, abandoning the more traditional sea transportation. Delta only has data on air flights, and they can’t know anything about ships already booked for PlayStation 5 deliveries. Whether Sony is going to use the planes only for transportation to the United States or assign similar flights to other countries is also unclear.

The fact that console manufacturers will have to use air transport to deliver devices, analysts have warned before. With the Covid-19 pandemic and high demand, this is one of the most reliable ways to avoid shortages.

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