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The Quarry: Chapter 8 (The Belly Of The Beast) All Choices & Paths



The Quarry: Chapter 8 (The Belly Of The Beast) All Choices & Paths

The group listens to the story of Laura and learns how to cure the infection of monsters. The group will move on to find the other counselors trapped out there. In this guide, we’ll tell you all the Choices & Paths in chapter 8.

All Choices & Paths in Chapter 8

The Chapter starts at the same place we left the last chapter and Laura is asking about the whereabouts of Chris Hackett so, she can kill him and cure Max. Ryan will get two options.

1- Commanding

I said shut up!

2- Uncertain

Kaitlyn, what do I do?

Ryan will get two options in further conversation.

1- Unconvinced

All this over a poem?

2- Curious

You said you heard a woman

Laura will take Abi’s silver bracelet and put it in a shotgun shell. Ryan will get two questions.

1- Suspicious

What are you doing?

2- Aggressive

I’ll shoot you

Laura will ask again about Chris Hackett’s whereabouts. Ryan gets two options.

1- Guarded

What makes you think I know?

2- Mean

I wouldn’t tell you

Kaitlyn will tell that there is a house behind the woods. Ryan will get two options.

1- Sarcastic

Have you thought about not killing him?

2- Compassionate

Maybe there’s another way

Ryan will get two options in further conversation.

1- Friendly

Chris has nothing to do with this

2- Aggressive

No way you’re going alone!

quarry options

After the cutscene, Ryan and Laura will be walking through the woods to the house. Laura will ask Ryan that does he know the way and in Ryan’s reply, Laura gets two options.

1- Suspicious

This doesn’t feel right

2- Inquisitive

Have you been there?

Laura will get two options in the further conversation.

1- Provoking

I should ask you the same thing

2- Reflective

No one knows anybody

Ryan and Laura will reach Hackett’s house. Laura will get two options.

1- Angry

Whose side are you on?

2- Compassionate

I get it, he’s your friend

After that, Ryan and Laura will drop down in the cave. We’ll get the control of Laura and we’ll find several collectibles in the cave. After getting the collectibles and going through the cave, Ryan and Laura will go through a door.

The cutscene will cut to Kaitlyn, Abi, and Dylan. They are back at the lodge. Dylan will ask about what happened here and Kaitlyn will get two options.

1- Dismissive

We have to keep moving

2- Honest

My bad…


Kaitlyn will look at the car and tell the group that she needs a rotor arm to fix the van. This option will only be available if you have chosen to take out the rotor arm in the 1st chapter. Kaitlyn will get two options.

1- Mean

Got something better to do?

2- Encouraging

I need you

After the cutscene, we’ll get a QTE in which we need to avoid slipping. Press the Down Cursor button to avoid slipping. After that, we’ll get an interruption in which there is an option to open the cage, but don’t open the cage as it has electricity on the bars. Then there’ll come another interruption in which we need to stop Laura because she’ll shoot the monster inside the cage and the monster in the cage is Nick. If she shot Nick, Nick will die and you wouldn’t be able to cure Nick later in the game. Press the action button to prevent Laura from shooting Nick.

You’ll see Jacob in one of the cages as well. Ryan will get two choices.

1- Leave Jacob

If you leave Jacob here then Jacob will die at the end of Chapter 9.

2- Help Jacob

If you help Jacob then he will not die later in the game.

quarry game

To free Jacob from the cage, Ryan will need to press the breakers. There’ll be 4 breakers and Ryan will need to press 2 breakers at one time and then 2 breakers at one time. The order of pressing the breakers is the following.

You need to press the 1 and 2 Breaker, then you need to continue and press the 2 and 3 Breaker. Jacob will be free from the cage and after the cutscene the chapter will end.

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