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The Quarry Complete Prologue: All Choices and Paths Chosen



The Quarry Complete Prologue: All Choices and Paths Chosen

The Quarry’s prologue starts in a forest beside a long road at midnight, it’s scary scenery. The Starting characters are Laura and Max, the couple of new counselors that have been invited to Hackett’s Quarry for the summer camp. They have lost their way and are trying to make their way to Hackett’s Quarry.

As soon as the game starts the game will hit you with the system called QTEs (Quick Time Events). These QTEs will appear on the screen with buttons that you’ve to press in order to complete them or if you miss it will result in a negative outcome. QTEs will occur with up, down, left, and right keys on the keyboard. If you’ve successfully completed a QTE it will turn green or red otherwise. So, the first QTE is the GPS will fall from the dashboard and you’ve to press the UP key to complete it and Laura will grab the falling GPS.


As the prologue is guiding you with the basics of the game next you will be hit by your first choice. As Laura and Max are lost, you will be playing Laura in the Prologue. You will get you first choice in the car where Laura will have to choose between a Leaflet and a Map.


Laura will pick up the Leaflet from her bag to find the way to Hackett’s Quarry.


Laura will pick up the Map from her bag to find the way to Hackett’s Quarry.

In the first choice, it will not as much affect the scenario, in both cases, the Max will get distracted. He will not keep his eyes on the road and the car will get distracted by something on road and they will go down off-road towards the forest. You will get another QTE and you’ve to press the RIGHT key on the keyboard to dodge the broken-down tree. The car will get broken and max will try to fix the car.


After Max will ask Laura to help him grab the toolbox from the trunk of his car. You will be hit by a new system in game called Interruptions. As soon as, Laura opens the trunk there will be a red timed line shown on the screen with a single option, this is the new Interruptions and they can have a greater effect positively or negatively as you progress in the game.

Dialogue Choices

Dialogue Choices are similar to that of the normal Choices and they can also have different effects and scenarios depending on the options you choose. You will get a Dialogue choice next where Laura will ask Max for help as she saw something in the woods. She will get two choices Defiant or Compliant.


Laura will not wait for Max and will go on her own.


Laura will ask max to come to help her and explain him that she saw something in the woods.

Laura will be hit by QTEs next when she has gone down exploring on her, where she will hear voices and then run from there scared. First QTE is DOWN key and then again UP key, this will complete the QTE. As, it’s the prologue the QTEs won’t have that much effect if you mess up the QTEs but as you progress in the game, they will have negative effects if you mess them up.


When Laura has returned back to Max, they will quickly get back in the car to get out of the forest to get back on the road to get to the Hackett’s Quarry. A local police officer will come and ask them what are they doing down here. You will get two options as a path to choose from, Paths are very important and they will impact your story a lot. Laura will get two options Evasive and Honest.


We Swerved off and don’t tell exactly what happened to the cop.


Be Honest to the cop and tell him that something came in front of you guys. The cop won’t believe you.

The next dialogue choice you will get for the question by the cop about what you guys are doing at this time. After, he dragged you back on the road by towing your car. You will get two choices Dismissive and Friendly.


Laura will be rude to the cop.


Laura will tell the cop that they’re going to Hackett’s Quarry for summer camp.

Cop will ask them to get to a nearby motel but Laura will question again and you get two choices.


Laura will confront that they don’t want to go to the motel and they will go straight to Hackett’s Quarry.


Laura will ask the cop for directions to the Motel.

Finally, the cop will leave and Laura and max will make their way to Hackett’s Quarry but the place is empty. There is one and they’re not answering them. So, max gets mad and gets back to the car. Right where your car is parked, right in front of it there is a yellow door that is locked which is the basement.

Laura will call max to come and open the door.

Max will come with a wrench and a Hammer to choose from. He’ll say that hammer is going to be loud but this doesn’t affect anything so it’s your choice whatever you want to use to get the padlock open.

After that, they will make their way down to check if there was something down in the basement. Max will get hurt by a monster and he will start bleeding. Laura will again get a Path to choose from. Laura will get two choices Help Max and Leave Max.

Help Max

Laura will try to help max to get him back up the stairs out of the basement.

Leave Max

Laura will leave Max and she will escape the basement on her own.

The cop from before will come after Laura is outside from the basement on both paths and he will inject her in the neck and she’ll lose consciously. The cop will scream in the camera saying This is the Harbinger Motel. The motel he was telling them to go to spend the night. This will finish the prologue and the name will appear on the screen The Quarry.

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