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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: How to Heal and Stop the Bleeding Effect



TTCSM: How to Heal and Stop the Bleeding Effect

The situation for Victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is almost deadly as they start in the game with a pre-injury. Every victim will have to escape from the basement to go to other areas of the facility to find an escape route. However, during the whole time, the health of the victims will be constantly draining which will leave a blood trail on the ground that can be used by family characters to locate victims more easily. If players don’t look after their wounds, they will collapse and eventually meet their fate.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to heal and stop the Bleeding Effect in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

How to Heal and Stop the Bleeding Effect

There are various items in the surroundings of different areas where players will find items like Unlock Tools, Bone Scraps, and items related to the exits. However, they can also find health bottles. There are two types of health bottles in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, a small health bottle and a large health bottle. Both of the healing bottles have the same effect on use and they both can be found in random places around the whole map. Make sure to open each locked door and explore every area of the map to find healing bottles. Players can store up to 2 healing bottles at a time.

Once players have the Healing Bottles, they can press and hold the Q Button to use the healing bottle which will heal them and stop the Bleeding Effect only for a certain period. Now, it is very important to use the healing bottles at least once in the whole game to slow down the process of draining health. There are 3 colors on the Heart which will appear on the right side of the health bar, Red, Orange, and Gray. Red and Orange are fine but when the Gray Heart appears, your character will start leaving the blood trail. If players don’t use the healing at the time of Gray Heart, their character will fall on the ground and it will take some time before he gets up. During that time, you are unable to do anything and you can die if any family character comes around to your position.

Make sure to gather a healing bottle and save it in your inventory and use it on the time of need to stay alive and escape.

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