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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: How to Unlock New Perks



TTCSM: Unlock Perks

The Texas Chain Saw is a 3v4 asymmetrical multiplayer horror game in which players either play a character from Victims or Family. Victims will have to escape from Family Sawyer characters and Family Sawyer characters will have to stop Victims from escaping. All of the characters have a unique ability and Family Members have an active perk in the game which will help them slow down or kill the victims. While Victims don’t have active perks but their unlocked abilities and perks from the loadout will enhance their attributes which help them escape.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock new perks in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

How to Unlock New Perks in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

To unlock new Perks of the characters whether it is from Family or Victims, players will have to level up the characters by gaining XP. Complete the tasks, make escapes, kill victims, stun family characters, complete QTEs, etc. to gain XP that will help characters in leveling. While getting a Skill Point from a level up, players will be able to spend a skill point in the Abilities & Perks section of the Loadout Tab in the Customization menu. Skill Points will allow you to unlock different Perks within the Skill Tree.

The Skill Tree is different for every character and will have several paths. Players will have to start spending points on variables in the Skill Tree to reach a Perk at the end of the path. Spending the point on the Perk itself will unlock it which can be equipped in the Loadout. Selecting a path in the Skill Tree will block the alternative path for that character. Players will have to re-spend the point in the Skill Tree to get access to the blocked path to unlock respective perks in that section.

Keep in mind unlocking the perks also correspond to the attributes of the character. So, unlocking new perks will also enhance the attributes of the character which will make the character efficient in certain scenarios.

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