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The Tripod system in Lost Ark



The Tripod system in Lost Ark

Discover the Tripod system is the equivalent of the talent tree. In many MMORPGs, each class has a skill tree. In Lost Ark, the Tripod system strengthens your skills by giving them bonus effects on 3 levels. Each level can modify the type of attack, its attribute, the visual, the characteristics, the effects, the controls, the distance, etc…

How does the Tripod system work?

In Lost Ark, as you level up, you earn points to invest in the Tripod system. Each skill has three-thirds of Tripods. You unlock it at levels 4, 7, and 10 of each skill. The first two tiers have three choices while the third tier has only two.

How to choose the right Tripods?

Each class has its own skill upgrades. In Lost Ark, you can modify your Tripod system at any time during the game as long as you are not in combat and your abilities are not on cooldown (recharge time). So adapt your “build” to each situation.

For example, during your leveling phase, focus on area damage and movement improvements in your skills. Let’s take the example of the Berserk: His “Shoulder Charge” skill, which allows him to charge over 7 meters, has in the first tier of his Tripod system an improvement called “Excellent Mobility” that can increase the distance by 2 meters.

It is therefore up to you to choose your build according to your situation. Note that the changes of points in the Tripod system are totally free and do not require any resources or reloading time. Feel free to try the combinations that you like the most.

A few tips for choosing the right Tripods

  • Favor Tripods that scale by boosting your statistics in %.
  • Skills with a long cooldown will usually have Tripods to decrease that time.
  • Many buffs can make you immune to interrupting your skill (Super Armor/Tenacity).
  • Most bosses in dungeons and raids are more susceptible to certain elements than others. Adapt your skills to maximize your damage.
  • Create at least a solo PvE build, a group PvE build, and a PvP build. Each content requires a different build. In PvP, for example, favor controls and mobility.
  • Tripod points can be changed anytime and anywhere except in Guardian Raids, Arenas, Tower of Infinity, The Cube, and Secret Dungeons.
  • Basically, you have 248 skill points.
  • You can get an additional 48 points by completing certain content.

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