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Thief Simulator 2: How to Steal the Drone



Thief Simulator 2: Steal Drone

There are various ways through which you can rob the houses but some houses have higher security which means more valuable loot. However, these houses cannot be broken into easily. House 104 is one of the houses with higher security and you will be required to steal back the valuables for the Private Number (guy) earlier in the main story for which you will need a Drone.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to steal the Drone in Thief Simulator 2.

How to Steal the Drone in Thief Simulator 2

The drone is held by the person living in House 103 who has a strict route and before you get to steal the drone from his house, you need to do the following things.

  • First, unlock the Tracking Skill by reaching Level 2.
  • Go to House 103 at 15:00 and mark the guy by looking at him and pressing the Middle Mouse Button. After that, start the planning mode by pressing the RMB.
  • Unlock the Lockpicking Skill by reaching Level 3.
  • Buy the Lockpicking Tool from the Quick Buy App on the phone.

Once you have unlocked certain skills for the job, go to House 103 at 17:00 because the tenant leaves the house empty from 17:00 – 21:00 and you need to get inside the house without raising an alarm and steal the drone. Wait for the tenant to leave the house and make your way inside the hall from the box on the right side of the house. Walk up to the front door and picklock the door to get inside. Now, make your way to the tenant’s room to steal the drone from his table.

After stealing the drone, you can continue to steal the items from inside the house until 21:00 or you can leave the place to continue on in the main story.

That is all related to how to steal the drone in Thief Simulator 2.

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