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Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Colossus Arm Relic Early



Tower of Fantasy: How to Get Colossus Arm Relic Early

There are a lot of cool and powerful relics in Tower of Fantasy that you should be able to get as you follow through the quests. There is an SSR Relic named Colossus Arm that you can get early in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Colossus Arm Relic early in Tower of Fantasy.

How to get Colossus Arm Relic

In order to get this relic early in the game, you’ll need to go to the second region of the game which is Bangs. You need to go to the Omnium Tower: Banges and start Joaquin’s Commission quest. Once you started the quest, you need to go to the north and you’ll see a big construction structure up in the air. You need to climb up the structure through one of its wires.

How to get Colossus Arm Relic

Look to the left side, and you’ll see a wire attach to the ground with three Fire Cubes near it. Go to the wire and start walking on the wire to go up. There’ll be some cable ties on the way and you have to jump over them. Stay on the middle wire so you don’t slip down. Once you reach almost 90 degrees, you need to start climbing the wire with the climbing technique in which you don’t use any stamina. Grab the wire and then let go and double jump up and then press the forward button to grab the wall again. You won’t use any stamina and you’ll be able to climb up on the structure easily. You can also use the glider if you have one and do the three dodges to increase the altitude to go up.

Once you are up on the structure, turn around and jump on the platform in front. Keep following the path and use the jet pack to fly up to the higher platform and you’ll discover a spacecraft. This whole structure would be a huge amusement park and you’ll find a number of vending machines in the carnival. Search any vending machine and get the Iced Strawberry Soda because we’re going to need it later in the quest.

After getting the soda, teleport to the southern side of the Banges and keep going in that direction. You need to go to the southern island in the Banges. Use the Jet pack or swim to the island. As you get to the island, you’ll see a structure in the tower ahead of the island. Go to the structure and there’ll be a Hyena Guard on the structure. Talk to the guard and choose the bottom options to proceed. The guard will give you a quest named “Hyena’s Banges Base”.

From there, you want to go to the Banges Dock and talk to a robot name Lozwall. After talking to Lozwall, come back to the Hyena Guard and talk to him and use the bottom options again. Then go up to the Hyena base and you’ll find a tablet on a side of the door, pick it up and there’ll be a Supply Pod on the top of the Hyena’s Base. From there, under the big structure, you climbed, start going in the Northwest direction. When you reach the water, you’ll see the same structure water as on the southern side of Banges.

Go there and talk to Hyena Guard there and select the bottom option and you’ll be granted to come inside the carnival. Talk to Morgley in the carnival and offer him the soda that you got from the vending machine and he’ll give you the Console Components that we use later in this quest. Now teleport back to Cetus Island and you’ll see a three-tower under you and all three of them are near to each other. You need to go inside the tower under Cetus Island and you’ll need to enter a password to activate it. The password of the tower is “5-10% off-7-2”. After entering the password, you’ll get a cutscene. Now go to the next tower and there’ll be some enemies. Defeat the enemies and you’ll need to fix the broken machines. To fix the machines, you’ll need to buy the Fine Gifts and then choose the Toolset. You’ll need 4 tool sets in total to repair the broken machines.

tower of fantasy weapon

There’ll be two broken machines inside the tower and one will be outside the tower, after repairing them, go to the console and select Device Activation to activate the tower. After that, go to the last tower, and go to the console and you’ll get an option to Affix Components. Select that option to use the console components that Morgley gave us. After activating all three towers, you’ll get a cutscene. After the cutscene goes under the big amusement park in the air that we climbed, and use the teleporter just activated to enter the Ecological Park. Once you spawn inside the Ecological Park, you’ll see some chests, open them and get the loot, and then on top of it, you’ll get your Colossus Arm Relic.

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