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UNDECEMBER: How to Level Up



UNDECEMBER: How to Level Up

UNDECEMBER is an Action RPG game in which players will be to select their character and increase their skills throughout the game. Players can explore, complete quests, fight monsters and bosses, enhance their gear, and much more. Players will need to level up as they get to explore the new areas on the world map.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to level up in UNDECEMBER.

Leveling Up

At the start of the game, players will choose their character’s gender and will become the Rune Hunter to stop Serpens from rising again. Players will have to complete the quests to progress and earn the Materials for the crafting. Killing the monsters and defeating the bosses will give you XP which will increase your level and the easiest way to get to the bosses is to play through the quests of the game.

For leveling up quicker, you need to make sure that your gear is updated. Every piece of gear requires a certain level and you can only equip that piece if you meet the level. Completing the quests will give you several rewards which also include gear and weapons. By upgrading your gear, your character will do more damage and it’ll be easy for you to take down the monsters to gain XP quicker.

New areas also require players to be on a certain level otherwise it’ll not be available for them to explore. To get to a level for the new area make sure to 100% complete the previous area. Completing an area to 100% will get you to more than the required level for the next area and it’ll also give you the 100% completion reward for an area.

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