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UNDECEMBER: Everything About Runes



UNDECEMBER: Everything About Runes

There are different items that you’ll get by completing the quests and defeating the bosses in UNDECEMBER. One of the most useful items that you’ll get is Rune. Runes are of different kinds and you can enhance your Runes as well.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about Runes and how you can enhance the level of Runes in UNDECEMBER.


Rune is basically a source that provides additional Active and Passive powers to your character. Runes are related to the three main stat of your character, Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. If you have a build of Strength then you’d be using the Strength Runes for additional Attack Power or Speed of Attack. Runes are important for each build and these Runes are the one that makes your character deal more damage, move more swiftly, etc. The Weapons and the gear that you use will get powers from the Runes that you have equipped and give you advantages in the fights.

UNDECEMBER: Everything About Runes

You’ll also get a Skill Runes upgrade that’ll increase the Active and Passive Powers of your Runes when you add them to the Rune Enchantments. If you add more Runes that give the same Active or Passive powers, they’ll start to link up and give you more advantages. The Linked Runes are shown with a Purple glow in the Runes’ Enchantments.

Leveling Up Runes

Runes also have levels and you can increase them by going to the Rune Growth station but to increase a Rune, you should have a spare Rune of high level that you don’t use. The Rune that you want to level up will take the powers from the rune that you don’t want or use and it’ll level up almost to the same level as the rune you used that you didn’t need.

Leveling Up Runes

It is a very useful method to get a higher level of Runes but it is important that you don’t sell or disenchant the old runes that you don’t use. The old runes can be used in the Rune Growth to give you a better rune for your build.

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