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UNDECEMBER: Zodiac: Stats and Traits



UNDECEMBER: Zodiac: Stats and Traits

Leveling up the character and their gears and weapons is one of the very important things in UNDECEMBER because it increases the powers and damage of the character but there is also another mechanic which will increase the stats of the character and that mechanic is called “Zodiac”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about Zodiac in UNDECEMBER.


Zodiac is the Skill Tree of your character where you can spend your Stat Points in the Stats that you prefer. There are three main Stats in UNDECEMBER, Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. All three of these will increase a separate Active and Passive power which will become your build. Basically, you’ll be spending the points toward your build. If you want to have a Tank build then put Stat Points in the Strength Stat, if you want to have DPS build then put Stat Points in the Dexterity Stat, and if you want to have a wizard build then put Stat Points in the Intelligence Stat. You can open the Zodiac by pressing “Z” on the keyboard.


Stat Points are gained by each level up of your character. You’ll get up to 5 Stat Points for each level up of your character and you’ll get to invest them in the main stats of Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. Strength Stat increases the HP and Armor%, Dexterity Stat increases the Hit Rate and Dodge Rate%, and Intelligence Stat increases the Mana and Barrier%. When you invest the character Stats then you’ll have to choose the Traits to create the unique build.


Trait Points are used to activate the Zodiac Nodes and you’ll get 1 Trait Point after each level up of your character. Traits Points are used to unlock different types of nodes and the Traits that you chose will become the build of your character. You’ll also have to use the Trait Points in an order to invest them into level 11 and beyond. The Different Types of nodes are Moon, Star, and Sun. Moon is the Starting Node, Star is the Middle Node and Sun is the Capstone Node. You’ll have to start investing the Trait Points from the Starting Nodes that will connect to the other nodes. Each Node will show you a power of some kind like projectile power or attack power. Invest in the nodes that you want to make a build of.

UNDECEMBER: Zodiac: Stats and Traits

You can also reset the Stat and Trait Points if you have invested into the wrong node but it would be free only if you are in Act 5. If you have passed through Act 5 then you’d have to pay thousands of coins to reset the Points.

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