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We Were Here Forever: How to solve The Trial Rooms Puzzle



We Were Here Forever: How to solve The Trial Rooms Puzzle

We Were Here Forever is a Co-op adventure game where you and your friend have to play throughout the game by helping each other with different puzzles and progressing together. This whole game is about teamwork and communicating with each other to keep things clearer because you do want to tell your partner what you see and what can he do.

IN this guide, we tell you how to solve the Trail Rooms Puzzle.

How to Solve the Trial Rooms Puzzle

After getting through the Dial Rooms Puzzle the players will move on to the next puzzle which will be the Trial Rooms Puzzle. The person who was in the projector room in the previous puzzle will be above the arena and has to communicate with the other player who will be going to pass the trial rooms.

When the person reaches the arena, there’ll be a door on the left side from where he has to go up and pick up the ball. As he picked up the ball a trial floor will be lowered down and the symbols will be shown to the other player. The player above the arena has to communicate all the symbols to the player who is going to cross the trial with the ball in hand.

In the first trial room, the player above the room has to tell the other player all the symbols he has to walk on but it has to be done in the order of symbols shown above. Walk on all the symbols in the order and the door on the other side will be open.

Go through the door and you’ll reach the second trial room. The player above also has to go through the door and reach the next part of the trial. Once the player reaches the trial room, the player above has to pull the lever and remember all of the symbols shown and the symbol will not be shown again once the player is walking on the trial floor. So, it is important for the player above to remember all the symbols in order. Then communicate with the player and walk on each of the symbols and stay there until the rest of the symbols fall and then carry on to the next symbol.

We Were Here Forever: How to solve The Trial Rooms Puzzle

The third trial room is like the first trial room, you just have to go through all the symbols in order. The only difference in this trial room is there’ll be tiles with the “X” symbol. You can’t step on the X symbol so, the player above has to tell you the way around these tiles and onto the correct symbols.

The fourth trial room will be the last trial room and it is similar to the second trial room. The difference in this trial room is that there’ll be additional three symbols under the main order of the symbols. The player who is walking cannot step on these three symbols and has to walk around in the order of the symbols. These three symbols will not remain the same as they change at every turn of the trial. So, the player has to keep an eye on the timer as well as these symbols.

Once the player has reached the end the door will open and would be able to place the ball outside the door. Go through the door and the other person would also be able to join you.

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