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Where to get industrial circuits in Far Cry 6 and what they are for



Far Cry 6

In Far Cry 6, you can get industrial circuits, a very useful “collectible” that will allow you to improve Dani Rojas and face the dangers of Yara.

There are materials in Far Cry 6 that are truly valuable and not very easy to come by. Today we want to offer you information about industrial circuits.

These components are used especially to get the powerful backpacks that will allow us to perform devastating movements and very powerful abilities that can change the course of a fight.

Where to get industrial circuits in Far Cry 6 and what they are for

These industrial circuits cannot be obtained by exploring Yara, but by purchasing them or obtaining them by completing special missions. Here we leave you the way to get hold of them:

The first way to get these circuits is to buy them from Lola, the merchant that you will see at the bases of El Este, Madrugada, and Valle de Oro. However, Lola does not accept pesos.

You will have to resort to the black market currency to get these materials and this can be won by carrying out special operations that Lola herself will commission you to do.

Players can also find tracks in ambush missions or by accepting challenges on the Bandit Board in guerilla camps. Although these are temporary, you will be able to see the rewards that can be obtained.

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