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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How Spirit Gauge Works



Spirit Gauge

Wo long: Fallen Dynasty has a number of unique mechanics that are used in the combat. Players will have to understand these mechanics to defeat the enemies without losing any Morale Rank and Genuine Qi. One of the most important mechanic is Spirit Gauge because it will allow you to perform Martial Arts as well as Spells but it can also be harmful for you if you are not careful during the combat.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how Spirit Gauge Works in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

How Spirit Gauge Works in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

At the very start of the game players will get to know about the Spirit Gauge and how it can be used to deflect the attacks of enemies. If you have skipped through the tutorial by neglecting the text on the screen then you will find it difficult to understand how it works.

Spirit Gauge is right under your Health Bar. When you are about to start a combat, your Spirit Gauge will be neutral. As you hit enemies or deflect their attacks, your spirit gauge will start building up. Meaning, it will increase towards the right side and it will be Blue. If you take hits and fail to deflect the attacks of enemies, the spirit gauge will increase to the left side and it will be Orange.

Now, you need to understand the blue and orange meter of the Spirit Gauge. Blue Spirit Gauge is Positive and it means you can consume the Spirit Gauge by performing the Martial Arts move or casting the Spells. Orange Spirit Gauge is Negative and if your orange spirit gauge fills up, your posture will be broken and it will leave your character open to the enemies. Your character will be stunned and you can easily take Critical Blow from your enemies so, you will have to avoid it as much as you can in the combat.

The Orange Spirit Gauge will also fill up if you randomly press the dodge/deflect button or cast spells or perform Martial Arts moves even at the neutral stage. All of these consume a portion of Spirit Gauge so, you cannot over use these moves. Deflecting perfectly will increase spirit to the positive side so, you would want to wait for enemies to do their move to deflect it. You will have to land the Fatal Strikes after deflecting the moves of enemies to quickly increase the Spirit Gauge so, you can use your other moves in the combat.

deflect to increase spirit gauge

You will have to keep your spirit balanced throughout the combat to come out as a slayer otherwise, your enemies will have the advantage if you broke your posture during the combat.

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