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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Zhang Liang, General of Man



Zhang Liang, General of Man

Players will get to encounter different bosses throughout the story of the game and the very first main boss that players will have to defeat is Zhang liang, General of Man. Players will get to fight him at the end of the tutorial of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Zhang Liang, General of Man.

Zhang Liang, General of Man (Boss)

Zhang Liang, General of Man is the first boss and he will have 10 Morale Rank. So, if you are lower than 10 Morale Rank, you will take more damage from him. He has different Critical Blow attacks that you need to deflect in order to defeat him. He has two phases and in both of them his move will change.

Phase 1

He will have a large sledge-hammer as a weapon and you need to stick close to him in this phase. You need to deflect his attack at the perfect time to leave him open to your Fatal Strikes. You need to deflect his Critical Blows to deal the most damage to him. When he turns red, be ready to deflect and after that, land a couple of Fatal Strikes.

He has two different Critical Blow attacks. In one of them he will rush towards you and in the other one, he will attack from above. You can deflect both of them easily by timing the deflect at the perfect time. By deflecting the attacks, you will break his posture and it will give you the opportunity to deal more damage. When he is down, do the Fatal Strike on him to go in a small animation.

Deflecting Critical Blow in Phase 1

By breaking his posture for a couple of times, you will be able to deplete his health completely.

Phase 2

Once you have depleted his health, a cutscene will start in which he will turn into another form. In this phase, he will have a lot of ground attacks. You need to stay in a medium range to him so, you don’t get hit by the ground effects near to him. You can dodge and deflect the ground effect attack but you can only dodge the rushing attack. When you see him rushing towards you, double press the dodge button to dodge in another direction.

When you see him turning red, be ready to deflect the attack. After deflecting this attack, he will be downed and you will get to do Fatal Strike or Martial Arts move. You will have to deflect his Critical Blow attack 2 to 3 times to break his posture and after that, your Beast Gauge will be filled.

Deflecting Critical Blow in Phase 2

Press the designated button to summon the beast and it will start a cutscene in which you will defeat Zhang Liang, General of Man.

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