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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Sell Items



Sell Items

Genuine Qi is the primary currency in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty which is used to level up the character. However, in order to level up the equipment, you will be required Copper which is the secondary currency. Copper can be gained by different approaches and you will be needing it to upgrade your weapons, armour, and even buy throwables for the journey.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Sell Items in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Unlock Supplies Feature in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Players will be able to earn Copper right from the beginning of the game. Copper is also obtained by killing enemies and it will confuse the early players where to use the copper because it certainly does not use in levelling up the character or unlocking spells. You will be able to use the Copper for the first time when you unlock the Supplies Feature in the game.

Supplies Feature is unlocked after defeating the Zhang Liang, General of Man boss and completing the tutorial of the game. When you start off in the new area, you will come to find a Battle Flag. Raise the Battle Flag and rest at it to get the notification of Supplies feature.

Supplies Feature

In the Supplies Feature, you will be able to buy items with the Copper. There will be different throwables in the Supplies that you can buy. Bought items will store in your inventory and then they can be equipped by opening the Equipment tab in the menu.

How to Sell Items in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Once you have unlocked the Supplies feature, you will also be able to sell the unwanted items in your inventory. If you have some items in your inventory that you do not want or useless then you can sell them under the “Sell” option in Supplies tab.

Sell Option in Supplies

Go into the Sell option and you will be able to see your equipment. You can select the item from the list that you want to sell and then confirm it to sell it for Copper. You can get a decent amount of Copper by selling the items.

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