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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Defeat Zhuyan




As players progress through the game, they will get to encounter different bosses. The first boss that players will get to encounter after the tutorial is Zhuyan. Zhuyan is a monster whose been killing the yellow heaven army when you reach the boss location.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Zhuyan in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Defeating Zhuyan (Boss Fight)

Zhuyan is a 10 Morale Rank Boss that you will get to fight along with your companion, Zhao Yun. Once you have liberated through the village, you will get to encounter Zhuyan. He has a number of ground attacks along with strike combos. You can deflect all of his attacks by timing them right. He does not have a second phase so, you will be able to defeat him by breaking his posture for a few number of times.

He has a three-strike combo and two jumping attacks. You can deflect them by pressing the dodge button at the time when he is striking or coming down from air. By doing this, it will increase his spirit gauge to negative side and you will be able to land a Fatal Strike on him.

He has two different Critical Blows. One of them is where he guns towards and the other one is by jumping. You can deflect both of them and it will leave him open for the Fatal Strike. You need to stay in the middle range from him and you will be able to deflect both of the attacks. By deflecting these Critical Blows attacks, you will instantly break his posture after hitting him with a Fatal Strike and it will give you another opening to land the Fatal Strike.

Defeating Zhunaya by breaking his posture

You just need to focus on deflecting these Critical Blows attacks to defeat him quickly.

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