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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Embed Jewels on Equipment



Embedment Feature

If you want to make weapons and armor stronger relevant to your build then you will have to embed certain jewels in them. This mechanic is not unlocked from the start of the game so, players will have to progress through the story of the game by completing missions. Once they have reached the point where they unlock the Embedment mechanic, they will be able to add Jewel Fragments to their Equipment Items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Embed Jewels on Equipment in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Unlock Embedment Feature

After unlocking Blacksmith, you will have to complete a couple of more missions until you reach a location named “Hidden Village”. In the Hidden Village, you will find Blacksmith on the right side of the Battle Flag. When you talk to the Blacksmith, you will unlock new features and one of them will be “Embedment”.

Extract and Embed Jewels in Equipment Items

The Jewels that are embedded in Equipment Items are Jewels Fragment which can only be obtained by Dismantling the items. You can dismantle the items through Salvage Feature. Once you have the Materials, you need to go to the menu of the Blacksmith and select the Embedment Feature.

You will see all the Equipment Items on the left side and you need to select the one in which you want to embed a jewel. Since there are four different rarity levels of all equipment items, their jewel slot also has the same number of slots. Meaning, a 3 Star Weapon has three jewel slots that will contain specific elements and stats.

In order to add a jewel of your choice, you will have to extract one of the jewels. You can extract the jewel by selecting the weapon and then going under the Special Effects of that weapon and selecting the element that you want to remove. However, not all effects can be removed so, you will only be able to extract a couple of slots. Select the slot you want to extract and confirm it by selecting the Yes option.

After you have extracted a slot, you will see “???” in that slot. Now, select the weapon again and select the “???” slot to add a jewel of your choice. It will open a whole list of jewels stored in your inventory. Select the one that you think fits best to your build and it will be embedded in your weapon.

Extracting Jewel

You will have to use the same steps to embed jewels in your other Equipment Items as well to make them stronger.

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