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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – Chapter 1: Trial of the Full Moon – Walkthrough



Chapter 1 - Trial of the Full Moon

In the following guide, we’ll be covering the first chapter of a new adventure game in the Bayonetta series, Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. You will get to play with the character named Cereza in the game.

Chapter 1: Trial of the Full Moon – Walkthrough

Go to Morgana and watch the cutscene to get your first objective. You will have to go to the east side to draw water from the well. Go to the east side on the path to reach the well and press the L Button to pull the lever to draw water. Now, take the bucket of water and bring it to Morgana. She will tell you to collect the herbs from the garden.

You need to go back towards the well and then go in the south direction to reach the southern herb field. Once you are at the herb field, you need to use Witch Pulse to grow the Infernal Plants. There will be four infernal plants and you need to go to each one and press the ZL Button to start the Witch Pulse. Once the ring appears. You need to time it and press the L Button to successfully grow the plants.

One of the plants will start to run away for which you will have to use the Thorn Bind. You need to get close to the running plant and hold the ZL Button to perform Thorn Bind. Once you have done that, a small cutscene will play and after that, you need to carry the basket of plants back to Morgana.

Use Thorn Bind to Catch the Plant

The time will turn to night and it will be time for your practice. Go up to the training area to start the cutscene and after that, you will have to follow the path in front to reach the Avalon Forest. Once there, the first chapter will be completed.

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