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Bendy and the Dark Revival – An Ink-Filled Adventure: A Detailed Review



Bendy and the Dark Revival – An Ink-Filled Adventure: A Detailed Review

Bendy and the Dark Revival, the highly anticipated sequel to the Bendy series, has finally arrived, bringing players back into the ink-filled world. As an adventure-horror game, Bendy and the Dark Revival delivers the same captivating experience fans have come to expect from Joey Drew Studios. This game is not only a treat for loyal followers of the series but also welcomes newcomers, allowing them to dive into the story without prior knowledge of the previous games.

The Story

Bendy and the Dark Revival follows the journey of an animator named Audrey, who finds herself trapped within the ink-filled world of the Joey Drew Studios. Surrounded by animated creatures and menacing monsters, Audrey must navigate through challenging puzzles, confront enemies, and come face-to-face with the infamous Ink Demon, Bendy. The game’s narrative is well-crafted, engaging players and immersing them in the unfolding story. However, new players may encounter a few unfamiliar characters, which could slightly affect their connection to the overall plot.

Bendy and the Dark Revival – An Ink-Filled Adventure: A Detailed Review

Game Mechanics

The game mechanics in Bendy and the Dark Revival are relatively easy to understand. One of the primary mechanics introduced early on is the reusability of items. Players must utilize specific items in multiple locations to solve puzzles, requiring them to keep this aspect in mind as they progress. At times, players may need to revisit previous areas to progress further. As the story unfolds, players will obtain the main weapon capable of taking down Ink Creatures, although not all types of Ink Creatures can be defeated with this weapon alone.

The Gent Pipe

During the game’s progression, players will discover the Gent Pipe, a unique tool that allows them to unlock locked doors by supplying power to them. Charging the Gent Pipe grants access to hidden areas and further advances the story. Moreover, players can upgrade the Gent Pipe using blueprints found in hidden areas, enhancing its capabilities. Resources required for upgrades can be obtained by defeating Ink Creatures and looting various locations.

Encounters with the Ink Demon

Traversing the inked areas of the game will inevitably lead to encounters with the fearsome Ink Demon. These encounters intensify the game and present challenges in terms of difficulty and puzzles. Since the Gent Pipe is ineffective against the Ink Demon, players must find suitable hiding places to evade him. Memorizing paths and areas becomes crucial for escaping his grasp.

Bendy and the Dark Revival – An Ink-Filled Adventure: A Detailed Review

Allies and Characters

As Audrey progresses through the game, she will meet other characters who can become her allies, assisting her in combatting enemies. However, not all allies are friendly, and players must choose their companions wisely. One minor drawback of the game is the limited screen time and development given to these characters, with Audrey herself rarely making appearances. This limitation may somewhat diminish the depth of character interaction and engagement.

Graphics and Sound Design

Bendy and the Dark Revival boasts splendid graphics, perfectly capturing the essence of a 1950s cartoon-inspired inked world. The jump scares between chapters are well-executed and leave a lasting impression. The visual quality remains consistently high throughout the entire game. The sound design effectively complements the animated world, enhancing the gameplay experience. The jump scares are accompanied by fitting sound effects, further intensifying the atmosphere. The voice acting is solid and suits the game’s overall vibe, while the soundtrack adds to the overall appeal.

Bendy and the Dark Revival is a must-play indie horror game that will captivate horror enthusiasts. Although it may not be as overtly terrifying or gory as other horror games, it excels in presenting its unique atmosphere. However, unlike horror games with high replayability, Bendy and the Dark Revival follows a linear-path story mode, providing a single narrative experience. Nonetheless, there are hidden secrets and doors that players can discover by replaying the game before completing it.

Bendy and the Dark Revival delivers an outstanding gaming experience with its audio, visuals, story, and jump scares. We award this game the score it deserves: 9/10. Bendy and the Dark Revival is available on Steam for PC, as well as on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S platforms. Horror game enthusiasts should not miss out on this exceptional adventure in the ink-filled world of Bendy.

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