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Bendy and the Dark Revival: Where to Find An ID Card



Bendy and the Dark Revival: Where to Find An ID Card

Audrey will finally makes her way out of the studio at the end of chapter 3 and finds out that this place is much bigger than just a studio. Joey Drew has told her that this whole place is corrupted by the guys in the Old Gent Workshop and Audrey has to make her way to the Workshop and fix all of the corruption. As she started her way to the Old Gent Workshop, she’ll be needing an ID card to get her through the Gent scanner.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find a Gent Identification Card in Bendy and the Dark Revival.

Finding a Clue of ID Card

Audrey has a new partner in chapter 4 and it is none other than Bendy himself. Audrey will convince her to come with her to Gent Old Workshop to fix this world. Audrey will make her way to the Street and at the end of the street on the right side is a Gent Scanner which will require an ID card to get through the gate. Audrey will ask Bendy where to look for the ID card and Bendy will tell her to look in the Bins and the boxes on the street.

Start looking at the boxes and the bins and follow Bendy down the street. After searching the trunk of a car, Bendy will point at the Bin on the side of the street and when you search the Bin, you’ll get a clue for the ID Card saying that the ID card is in the Downside Hotel. If you notice on the boards in the street, you’ll not find any Hotel Board.

Finding the ID Card

Now, go ahead towards the Grand Chops shop on the street and you’ll see a monster thrown out of the shop. Kill the monster and then go inside the shop. There’ll be another monster in the shop. Kill him as well and then you’ll come out to another street in which there is a Signboard of Downside Hotel. Go inside the Hotel and you’ll find that the Elevator is out of order and all the doors are closed. However, there are holes in the ceilings which you can pass through by using the Flow ability.

Finding the ID Card

The first hole will be in the left corner, pass through that hole to reach the upper floor, then go to the left corner again and use the Flow ability to reach the second floor. You’ll find the ID card placed on the table in front. Interacting with the ID card will start a cutscene with Joey and after the cutscene, pick up the ID Card and then return to the Gent Building Scanner.

Be careful because you’ll be fighting a number of Ink monsters along the way. When you reach the Gent Scanner, interact with it to get inside the Gent Building.

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