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Bendy and the Dark Revival: Seek out Heidi



Bendy and the Dark Revival: Seek out Heidi

Audrey is out of the studio but she finds out that there is someone who is corrupting this world and making ink monsters, Audrey decides to go to the Gent Workshop and sort things out with the Keepers. After getting inside the Gent building, she makes her way to the Pit Door whose door handle is not working. An Ink Monster named Heidi comes out and says that she can open it only if Audrey finds her in the game of Hide and Seek.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Seek out Heidi in Bendy and The Dark Revival.

Seeking Out Heidi

Heidi will tell Audrey to find her in the Hide and Seek game and she’ll open the door for her. Audrey will put both of her hands on her face and then she needs to find Heidi. Heidi will hide inside the Gent Building and you need to go back down the stairs and be careful of the In Monster that has a light in front. That monster won’t go down so try not to get inside his light or it’ll chase you down.

Heidi can be hiding anywhere so what you want to do is stop and listen to her giggles because she likes to giggle every now and then. Follow her giggles to know her location. She’ll be hiding on the upper level of the hall in which the Ink Monster is patrolling. To go to the upper level, go to the start of the hall and there’ll be a ladder on the left side. Go up the ladder and turn around, you need to get on the platform in front by using the Flow ability and then use the Flow ability again to get to the other side on which Heidi is hiding.

Seeking Out Heidi

Heidi will be sitting in between the boxes and when you go close to her and interact with her to find her. She’ll open the door as she promised as well as she’ll also grant you another ability that lets you interact with the Linker Pipes to Fast Travel between two specific locations.

After getting the new ability, make your way back to the Pit Door. The door will be opened and when you step inside the door, a cutscene will start.

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