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Bendy and the Dark Revival: How to Get out of Sewers in Chapter 3



Bendy and the Dark Revival: How to Get out of Sewers in Chapter 3

Audrey will get thrown down in the Sewers from the Elevator by the keeper and she gets to fight the Giant Spider to make her way into the sewers. Soon, she’ll ask Alice for help, and then she’ll find Joey Drew who will tell her that she needs to go to the Old Gent Workshop to fix this world, and to get there she’ll need to get out of the Sewers.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get out of the Sewers in Bendy and the Dark Revival.

Getting out of the Sewers

After the conversation with Joey Drew, you need to get out of his place and you’ll reach a console from where you’ll open the door of the sewer below. Before heading down there, there is a Gent Upgrade Station on the left side. If you have any Schematic, upgrade the Gent Pipe with the collected Components. After that, there is a charging machine ahead, plug in the battery and charge up the Gent Pipe.

Now, go down the ladder and through the opened door. You’ll see a board saying “Unsafe Area” in front. Go up the ladder on the left side. Now, the main task here is to open the gate down below and the switch of that gate is directly above the gate. You cannot get there without getting support of some kind because you cannot reach the platform directly with the Flow power.

Now, go through the second gate on the right side and you’ll come into a new area with a sewer filled with Ink. Go to the right side and go to the other side by following the platform. Don’t jump in the Ink because you’ll gradually drown and you have to start over from Joey’s place. Charge up the gate with the Gent Pipe and a gate will open in which you’ll find Security Override controls. Interact with the controls to pull the lever to do the override.

Bendy and the Dark Revival: How to Get out of Sewers in Chapter 3

Now, come out of the door and go along on the platform to reach a locked door with a chain and behind that door is a button that you need to press. Use the Gent Pipe to break the chain and then press the button to drain all of the Ink from the sewer. Now, you need to jump down into the sewer and interact with a shining pipe to open it. Now, what will it does is that if you fill the Sewer again with the Ink the Ink will also come to the other side where you want to open the door and the ink will lift a platform upon which you can jump and then on the console to raise the gate.

Bendy and the Dark Revival: How to Get out of Sewers in Chapter 3

Be ready because you’ll get to face some monsters and also hide a couple of times due to Ink Demon so be ready. After opening the pipe, come back to the button to refill the sewer with the Ink, and then make your way to the other side and you’ll see that Ink has filled on this side as well. A platform will be lifted up and you can jump on that platform by using the Flow power. Get on the platform and then pull the lever to open the gate.

Now, make your way back to the button to lower the ink again so you can get through that opened door. Just keep going on the path, you will have to kill a couple of monsters and after that, you’ll be out of the sewers.

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