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Bendy and the Dark Revival: How to Solve Alice Angel’s Puzzle



Bendy and the Dark Revival: How to Solve Alice Angel’s Puzzle

Audrey will be taken captive by Alice Angel from Wilson’s Civilized World and Alice want Audrey’s face so she can become beautiful again. She has set up a little puzzle for Audrey on which by getting it right, she can leave, or if she gets wrong, she’ll be fried.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to solve Alice Angel’s Puzzle in Bendy and the Dark Revival.

Solving Alice’s Puzzle

After Alice has done a conversation with Audrey about what she wants and about the puzzle she created for Audrey, you need to stand up from the chair and figure out what the puzzle is because Alice didn’t have told you about what the puzzle is, you have to figure it out all by yourself. From where Audrey is standing, she’ll see 6 Ink Monsters have buckets on their heads. Three of them are sitting on the left side and three of them are sitting on the right side.

If you talk to each and every ink Monster, they’ll talk about four specific animals: Fox, Bird, Bear, and Rabbit. It means that the puzzle revolves around the placement of these animals. You’ll not see any control or console in the room but if you look closely, there is a ladder going up behind the chair Alice Angel. Go up the Ladder and you’ll see a console with four different combinations on it and you can change the animals on them.

Bendy and the Dark Revival: How to Solve Alice Angel’s Puzzle

You need to place all of the animals in the right order and then pull the lever on the right side of the console. Now, to figure out what animal comes in what position, you need to listen closely to all of the Ink monsters. The dialogues of all 6 Ink Monsters are given below which will you hear after talking to them.

  • Ink Monster 1: The Fox thinks the Rabbit smells elderberry. I couldn’t see them sitting together.
  • Ink Monster 2: The Bird won’t have anything to do with the Rabbit, but I hear he likes to court danger by sitting next to the Fox.
  • Ink Monster 3: The Rabbit never sits with the Bird, but he loves the playful company of the Bear.
  • Ink Monster 4: The Pompous Fox? He wouldn’t be caught dead sitting on the left. Far too Pedestrian.
  • Ink Monster 5: The Fox has always hated the Bear. They’d never sit next to each other.
  • Ink Monster 6: My friend, the Bear, always sits next to the Bird. After all, they went to school together.

So, after hearing all of the Ink Monsters, you want to go to the console up the ladder and put the animals in the following order.

Rabbit > Bear > Bird > Fox

Bendy and the Dark Revival: How to Solve Alice Angel’s Puzzle

After placing the animals in the following order, pull the lever and then go down the ladder and sit on the chair. Alice will pull the lever and all of the Ice Monsters will be electrocuted and the door will be opened behind you and you’ll be able to leave.

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