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Bendy and The Dark Revival: Where to Find A Gilson



Bendy and The Dark Revival: Where to Find A Gilson

At the end of chapter 4, Audrey will be taken away by one of the Keepers, and then she’ll wake up on a train sitting in front of Wilson, the person who brings Audrey to this place. Wilson will explain to Audrey the situation in the world and then asks for her help. Wilson will take Audrey to the Civilized World which the Ink Monster cannot pass through. Wilson will tell Audrey to get some rest and Betty who is the Housekeeper of Wilson will show Audrey her room. Audrey has made her a sleeping drink that will let Audrey sleep and all she has to do is take 3 Sips of that drink. But that drink would be missing an ingredient named Gilson.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find a Gilson in Bendy and the Dark Revival.

Finding Gilson

Audrey has gone through a long journey and after a while, she got into a big cozy room where she can rest as well. After talking to Betty, go to the small table next to the Washroom Door to see that the Drink is missing an ingredient named Gilson and Audrey doesn’t have any idea what Gilson is. To find a Gilson, she must know what Gilson is so if you try to find anything about Gilson in Audrey’s room, you’ll not find it. You can read the book on the table or open drawers but won’t find anything.

What you need to do is get out of the room and you need to go to the right in the hallway and open the Library Door on the right side. Go inside the Library and you need to read a book about Fish Guide which is placed on a Sofa against the window. When you read the book, you’ll see a guide about A Gilson Fish. Audrey will now say that she needs to find a fish.

Finding Gilson

To look for the fish, get out of the library and straight down the hallway. Open the last door on the left and you’ll enter a room with a Piano in it and an Aquarium that has a single fish in it. Interact with the Aquarium to try to catch the Fish but the fish will slip through. Now, you need to find a way to catch the fish.

Bendy and The Dark Revival: Where to Find A Gilson

To catch the fish, you need to push the Piano towards the Aquarium and play keys on the piano to make the Fish sleep. When it is asleep, interact with the Aquarium to grab the fish but in the cutscene, you’ll see Betty and she’ll not be happy to see you holding a Fish. She’ll say that she’ll place the Gilson in the room and then you just need to return to your room.

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