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Bendy and the Dark Revival: Where to Find All Pictures in Animation Alley



Bendy and the Dark Revival: Where to Find All Pictures in Animation Alley

Audrey has been taken into a Mysterious Studio by Wilson and now she is facing Ink Creatures that are hunting her down. Audrey has to fill different pieces of the place to get to the next place and after she has got the Gent Pipe, she’ll move ahead to Animation Alley where she has to find all of the pictures for the Ink Creature who is desperately upset about his pictures.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where you can find all of the Pictures in Animation Alley in the Bendy and the Dark Revival game.

Animation Alley

Audrey will get to Animation Alley and will get a Banish Power that can send the monsters back to the Puddles and also increase some of Audrey’s HP. She has to find a way to cross the Abyss which will end up opening the door on the right. She’ll go through the door and open the door ahead to find the character “Bendy” but unfortunately, she’ll scare him off. She follows him but ends up at the door saying “Don’t Knock”.

Interact with the door to knock on the door and an Ink Creature will open the door. The creature is sad about losing the pictures that he drew and he isn’t opening the door until he gets his pictures back.

Finding All Pictures

After the cutscene, you’ll need to get 5 Pictures in total and place them on the Art Easels which are placed on the right side of the door. You’ll see the Art Easels are all blank and you need to find the paintings and then place them on the Art Easels. You need to find the following pictures.

  • Find “The Suffering Camp”
  • Find “The Mental Curse of Taxes”
  • Find “Extra Cheese”
  • Find “Ham Sandwich Agony”
  • Find “The Bus to Work”

To find the pictures, go to the left side and you’ll end up at another door, interact with it to open it and you need to follow the path and go through the Vents. You’ll be introduced to the Ink Devil who is the main boss of the game. You need to follow the path and you’ll end up opening a door that will start the 2nd chapter of the game. You’ll find all of the pictures in the starting area of the 2nd chapter.

animation in valley

The first picture will be on the right side, placed on the board. Pick up the first picture and go ahead. There’ll be a path going on the left side, follow it and you’ll enter another room. There’ll be another picture that is placed on the board. When you pick up this picture, the Ink Demon will come for you and you need to hide in a cabinet or barrel in the room to dodge him. If you don’t hide, the Ink Demon will consume you and you’ll die. Hide and wait for your screen to get normal. When the screen gets normal, get out of hiding and go to the end of the room. You’ll see another picture locked inside a room. The door can only be unlocked from another side so you need to find another way inside the room.

animation valley

Now, go back a bit and there’ll be a vent on your left. Go inside the vent and follow through the vent to get inside the locked room. Pick up the picture from the board and your screen will go black and white again. Quickly hide in under the cabinet on the right side and wait until the screen gets normal. After that, get out of hiding and break the lock of the door with the Gent Pipe. Now, you need to go back to the first room you were in and you need to go through the path in front. There’ll be a vent in front. Go through the vent to reach a new area and there’ll be another picture on the board.

animation valley bendy

Pick up the picture and then go inside the next room and you’ll find the last Picture. After picking up the last picture, hide in the closet outside of the door to dodge the Ink Demon.

Placing the Pictures

After collecting all 5 Pictures, go back to the first room from the vents and go to the middle room. There’ll be a vent on the right side at the start. Go through the vent and you’ll reach a room with a Card Exchange machine. There’ll be a locked door on the right side, use the Gent Pipe to open the door and pull the lever in front to open the gate. Turn around and go through the opened door to reach the Art Easels place.

Placing the Pictures

Now, place all of the collected pictures on Art Easels, and the Ink Creature will open the door. You need to kill him with the Gent Pipe and go through the opened door.

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