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Bendy and The Dark Revival: How to Open the Closed Door in Projection Room



Bendy and The Dark Revival: How to Open the Closed Door in Projection Room

Audrey has to find her way out of the studio and is faced with many different ink Monsters on her way out. She’ll face the Ink Demon at the start of the second chapter in the Animation Alley and after dodging him, she’ll make her way to the Projection room in which she has to open the door by putting the right combination of numbers in the Security Lock machine but there is no code to be found nearer.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to open the closed Door in Projection Room.

Projection Room

Audrey will enter the Projection room after placing the 5 Pictures on Art Easels. The pictures are found in the starting area of the second chapter and after surviving the Ink Demon, you’ll place the Pictures on the Art Easels which will unlock a new door and you’ll reach the Projection Room. If you want to know Where to find All the Pictures in Animation Alley then we have a complete guide it which will help you get through.

Go through the opened door to reach the Projection Room and there are two rooms in total. One on the right side and one on the left side but you need to open the closed door in the left room.

Opening the Closed Door

If you enter the room on the left, you’ll see three different projectors projecting the images of Bendy on the wall in front with different numbers on the images. Go straight and you’ll come up on a closed door. On the right side of the door is a Security Lock machine with three combinations of numbers that you need to enter to open the door.

If you go to the cabin in which the three projectors are placed, you’ll notice that the door is locked from the inside and you can only open it from the inside. But before we tell you how to go inside the cabin, you want to go to the right room the Projection Room. Go to the room and you’ll see a projector on the table which you need to turn on. Turning it on will display three images of Bendy similar to the images that the projectors in the cabin are projecting. Make sure to remember the pictures that are shown by the projector.

  • Bendy holding a flower
  • Bendy looking down on a Bee
  • Bendy throws the flower and ran from the Bee
bendy and the dark closed door open

Now, go back to the other room. You need to go to the left side of the cabin and there is a vent that can be opened by hitting it with the Gent Pipe. Follow through the Vent and you’ll reach inside the Cabin. Now, you need to interact with the projector to change slides and put them in the same order that you saw in the other room. Start placing the images from the left projector to the right projector to put them in order.

closed door open projection

After putting them in order, you need to see the number on the images because it is going to be your code for the closed door. The combined number of images should be “235”. After placing them in order, go to the Security Lock and rotate the combinations to 235 and the door will unlock.

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