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Bendy and The Dark Revival: How to Charge Up the Gent Pipe



Bendy and The Dark Revival: How to Charge Up the Gent Pipe

Bendy and the Dark Revival is an action survival game full of environmental puzzles. Players will need to solve the puzzles to progress further in the game and to solve the puzzles, you might be needing something specific as well. One of the puzzles that you need to solve is to get through the Abyss which will start in chapter 1 but ends in chapter 2. However, players still need to get their Gent Pipes Charged Up on which they might have no idea that the Gent Pipe can be charged up.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to charge up Gent Pipe in Bendy and The Dar Revival.

Charging Up Gent Pipe

Gent Pipe is a weapon that Audrey will find in the first chapter of the game that will help her get through the chained-up doors, weak walls, and weak vent shafts as well as kill the regular Ink monsters. As Audrey makes her way to the Elevator for going up, she’ll have to cross the Abyss for which she has to go through different puzzles, and fights to get a power named “Flow” in the second chapter which will let her teleport in a distance.

After that, Audrey will return to the Abyss area and when she uses the Flow power to cross the Abyss, she’ll find that she needs a Charged Up Gent Pipe to power the Supply Box to open the locked door. Now, to get the charged-up Gent Pipe, you’ll have to charge the Gent Pipe in an Electric Machine that can be activated by putting it inside a Gent Battery. You’ll find many Gent Batteries on tables, in lockers, etc. There is an Electronic Machine near the Abyss area but first, you’ll have to upgrade your Gent Pipe so it can be charged. Without getting the Gent Door Access Mod, you won’t be able to charge up the Gent Pipe.

Charging Up Gent Pipe

You’ll need to get the Blueprint of the upgrade and then go to the Gent Upgrade station to upgrade the Gent Pipe with the Required Components and then you’ll be able to fully charge up the Gent Pipe.

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