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Cyberpunk 2077 loses 79% of PC players on Steam after almost a month



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Cyberpunk 2077 experiences worse simultaneous player numbers on Steam than The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, after one month since its release.

There is no doubt that Cyberpunk 2077 has been one of the most important events in video games in recent years. That said, after a major release, selling 13 million copies and achieving a million simultaneous players on PCs on its launch day, the numbers are getting worse for the futuristic RPG…although there is some good news too.

Everything has already been said about the new game from CD Projekt RED, which on PC is one of the best games of the past 2020, while on PS4 and Xbox One it has been released with numerous problems, bugs, errors, and performance far below the enormous quality of the game, waiting to be seen on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The craze for Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam is beginning to subside. After nearly a month since its release, the RPG has lost 79% of its player base on Valve’s PC platform, making The Witcher 3’s numbers worse.

Specifically, and taking that to pure figures, Cyberpunk 2077 started on Steam with more than a million simultaneous players, and in recent days it has not exceeded the barrier of 225,000 players on PC.

This can be seen as something logical since many have already finished the main story of Cyberpunk 2077 but if we look back we can see how another great CD Projekt game, The Witcher 3, took 3 months to lose that percentage of players on Steam. , for just one of Cyberpunk 2077.

However, there is good news for the CD Projekt game on PC and that is that it continues to sell like hotcakes. Cyberpunk 2077 repeats for another week as the best-selling game on Steam, above others such as Sea of ​​Thieves, Rust, or Hades.

As a curious fact, 59% of Cyberpunk 2077 sales have been produced on PC, while 41% belong to PS4 and Xbox One, a clear reflection that on PC it is a much more solid title.

Although it must be said that the multiplayer mode of Cyberpunk 2077 has not yet been launched which will arrive throughout 2021. It is rare that a title so long in duration and with such a huge world loses that number of simultaneous players in so little time.

It is possible that this great loss of players is due to the poor performance of Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 and Xbox One, as well as the controversy that has engulfed CD Projekt in recent weeks, due to lawsuits, criticism, and serious economic losses from its investors and founders.

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