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Cyberpunk 2077: This is how you get Mantis blades and mono wire early in the game – for free



Cyberpunk 2077: This is how you get Mantis blades and mono wire early in the game - for free

In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, insane body modifications are perfectly normal. However, crazy cyberware has its proud price, unless you are one of the best-informed citizens of Night City. And that’s what we want to make you one now!

If you’re stumbling unsuspectingly through the city’s neon-flooded canyons like the author of this article, you’ll have to leaf out Eddies for two of the most powerful melee weapons, the Mantis Blades and the Mono wire.

With our guide, you can find it for free, in the legendary version – very early in the game. We explain what cyberware can do and where you can find it for free.

Find mantis blades and Mono wire

What can the mantis blades do?

The Mantis Blades in Cyberpunk 2077 take their name from an insect, the praying mantis. You look similar after the implantation when you see fold-out blades sticking out of your cybernetic arms. You have to install the Mantis Blades at a trusted Ripperdoc and they will replace your normal fist attack.

In hand-to-hand combat, you cut your opponents to pieces with the blades quickly, literally. Because the weapon has a multiplier on the likelihood of severing limbs. The cyberware also has a charged attack and lets you jump a big leap at your enemies while wielding the mantis blades.

This is how you find the mantis blades

Instead of paying an impressive 15,000 Euro for the entry-level model at Ripperdoc, you can also use implants found in Night City (and even legendary) to open at the doctor and install them for free. We’ll show you where to find the Endgame Mantis blades early in the game:

Go to the marked location in the city center district of Night City. Near the Corpo Plaza, you will find a marker for a random side mission. Before you approach, important: save! Because the Mantis Blades are a chance find. If you can’t find it right away, just reload the save and try until the implant is yours.

Have you saved, approach the quest marker, and enter the building. Now the loot box opens directly on the right at the entrance. There you will find the legendary Mantis blades. If not, reload and try again.

What can the mono wire do?

Imagine a roll of dental floss coming out of your arm, but made of laser beams. This is how the Mono wire works in Cyberpunk 2077. It is a high-energy wire that you don’t use for dental care, but for whipping your torso. Go to the Ripperdoc around the corner to install the implant. Note, however, that you have to decide whether you want to use Mantis blades or mono wire since both gadgets occupy the same slot.

Through the mono wire, your opponents see no land in close combat. No kidding, this cyberware is really extremely powerful, especially its legendary version. As with all melee attacks, the laser whip also offers a heavy attack.

This is how you find the mono wire

Leave the 15,000 eddies for the cheap version and grab the legendary Mono wire for free! Then you simply drive to the Ripperdoc and install the implant for free. Quick, easy, and effective.

First, go to the marked point in the Kabuki District. There you will find a pharmacy with the neon-lit label “Pharmacy”. If you stand in front of the shop and look at the entrance, turn left and go around the corner. Here you can find a roller door. Open the garage and grab the legendary mono wire from a loot box.

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