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Cyberpunk 2077: Two skills can harm you right now, so you prevent it



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Cyberpunk 2077 is currently plagued by serious problems not only on the consoles, which is why many players make use of refunds. Technically, things don’t always run smoothly on the PC either and fans are feverishly waiting for patch 1.05.

And we can only hope that the upcoming update will take on two very specific skills of the role-playing game: The skills “Tomahawk” and “Recycling” cause you more problems in the current state of the game than they use you. At this point, we would like to issue an explicit warning that you should definitely reconsider the use or purchase of these skills!

Two skills that cause problems in Cyberpunk 2077

Why you should be careful with Tomahawk

What does the skill do? You can find the Tomahawk skill in the coolness attribute in the stealth sub-item. This skill allows you to use knives as projectiles to quickly and efficiently eliminate opponents. Tomahawk is of course a good choice if you want to be stealthy and covered.

Where is the problem? Cyberpunk 2077 currently has no dedicated thrown weapons. Instead, you can only use melee weapons that belong to the knife class. However, every knife is lost forever if you throw it around once – it is currently not possible to pick up the weapon. This is particularly annoying because the game does not warn you about this, which is why players can easily fall into this trap.

Specifically, this means: If you have equipped particularly valuable, strong, or even unique knives, you certainly don’t feel like saying goodbye to them forever. Another problem is that the skill replaces the block function with the throw function. So if you prefer to fight with knives, you worsen the handling of the weapon of your choice.

What is the solution? Throwing knives can be quite useful in Cyberpunk 2077 – especially for stealth gamers. That is why we advise you, should you already have the skill or want to use it anyway, just keep all cheap knives instead of dismantling or selling them. You can still use machetes or katanas for close combat with blades.

Why caution should be exercised when recycling

What does the skill do? You can find the recycling skill in the technology attribute under Techie. This skill gives you the ability to automatically break down all the junk you pick up into its components. Actually quite practical, you usually generate more valuable items for sale or crafting.

Where is the problem? The description of the skill keeps what it promises. However, recycling brings with it the risk that more valuable items will also be dismantled, which would bring you more money if you were to sell directly. Especially at the beginning of the game, this can be very annoying if there is a lack of money anyway. Unfortunately, the game does not warn you about this either.

What’s the alternative? Only acquire the skill as soon as you have progressed further in the game and you no longer have to worry about money anyway. At the beginning of Cyberpunk 2077, we would rather advise against it.

What do I do if I am killed?

If you have already acquired Recycling and Tomahawk, the entire game is not yet lost. There is a simple, albeit expensive, solution for this: You can reset all of your skills at any time if you visit one of the many Ripper Docs in Night City and slam 100,000 euros on the table.

This is of course not cheap and not an investment that you should make at the beginning of the game. If you have become unskilled independently of Tomahawk and recycling, you should by no means ignore this option.

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