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Dead Island 2 – How to Defeat Becki the Bride (Boss Fight)



Becki the Bride

Becki the Bride is the very first major boss of the game that you will have to fight. You cannot skip this fight so you will have to fight it and defeat it in order to progress through the main storyline of the game. You will fight Beci the Bride in the main mission named “Room Service for Major Booker” at the Halperin Hotel. Once you have retrieved the keys from Major’s Body, you will be able to unlock the Ballroom in the Hotel where you will fight Becki the Bride.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2.

Defeating Becki the Bride

Becki the Bride is a Crusher Type boss and it is also the very first Crusher that you will fight in the game. Becki has three main moves that you need to dodge and block to increase your chances of survival as well as defeating her. The very first move is the Ground Slam where she will jump up and land both of her punches on the ground. It will generate a Ground Wave that you will have to dodge. You can dodge it by two ways. You can either go out of the vicinity of the wave or you can jump over it.

The best way to dodge is to jump over it because Becki will stay down on the ground for like a second before she gets up. It will give you the opportunity to land Heavy Attacks on her to deal damage to her. The other two moves of her are striking and kicking. As she is a tougher zombie, she hits and kicks hard so, you need to dodge or block her attacks.

During the boss fight a couple of normal zombies will also join the fight in the Ballroom so, make sure to take them out as well. Although, you need to keep your focus on Becki and keep hitting her with your strongest weapon. Once you have defeated her, you will be able to get back to Bel-Air area.

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