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Dead Island 2 – How to Scrap Weapons



Scrap Weapons

There are a ton of Weapons that you will find throughout the gameplay of Dead Island 2. You can select the ones that you think are the best for you and keep upgrading them as you level up your character and for the rest of the weapons, you can scrap them for Resources. As resources are used in the crafting of useful items so, it is best to keep resources with you all the time.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Scrap Weapons in Dead Island 2.

Methods to Scrap Weapons in Dead Island 2

There are a couple of ways through which you can Scrap Weapons in Dead Island 2. Scrapping Weapons will give you the resources and mods that can be applied to other weapons. If you have a weapon with a certain mod applied to it and you want to apply the mod to another weapon then just simply scrap the weapon to get the mod and then you can apply the mod to the weapon you want. Scrapping the weapons will help you a lot in the game.

1.    Use Workbench

The first method to scrap the weapons is to use the Workbench. You can find the Workbench throughout the maps of the game. Simply interact with the Workbench and then select the weapon you want to scrap. Hold down the designated button for scrap to scrap the selected weapon and you will get the resources and mod parts.

2.    Use Storage Locker

Storage Locker is a great way to manage your inventory of weapons. You can Stash and re-equip the weapons from the Storage Locker but you can also Scrap the weapons while accessing the Storage Locker. You just need to find the Storage Locker which can be found throughout the maps as well and interact with it. After that, select the weapon you want to scrap and hold down the designated button to Scrap the Weapon.

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