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Dead Island 2 – How to Get Resources




Resources are very important in Dead Island 2 as they can be used to craft useful and crucial items for the journey in the game. As players progress ahead in the game, they will unlock different Blueprints for the items that can be crafted at Workbench. Each of the items will cost certain resources so, you will have to get resources throughout your gameplay in order to craft items without any worries.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Resources in Dead Island 2.

Getting Resources

There are multiple ways through which you can gather various resources in the game. The methods to get resources are the following.

  • Kill Zombies
  • Loot Areas & Boxes
  • Scrap Weapons

The generic way of getting resources is either by killing zombies or looting the areas around the map. Not all zombies will drop resources but you can kill them to get a handful number of resources. You need to search the area completely before moving on to the next area of the map. Loot the shelves, check the ground, or look for the boxes in the area to loot the resources. Some of the Boxes are also locked so, you will have to find keys for them.

Getting the keys and opening them will also get you resources. Keys are held by zombies so, there is no point leaving any zombie behind in an area if you want to get all of the resources. The most useful way of getting the resources is by Scraping the Weapons. As there are a ton of Melee Weapons and Guns in the game, you can Scrap the Weapons at Workbench which you don’t need. Each of the weapons you scrap will give you a handful number of resources.

Scrap Weapons to Get Resources

Once you have reached the limit of the resources, you will be notified of that resource as well. So, keep looting the items you find in your run and go through your inventory and decide which ones you don’t need so you can scrap them when you find a Workbench.

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