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Dead Island 2 – How to Unlock the Safe of Broseidon



Safe of Broseidon

The Safe of Broseidon is one of the Lockboxes in the Bel-Air area of the game. You can find it in Goat Pen Brock’s House, one of the early mansions of the area but the Safe will be locked and required a key to unlock.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the Safe of Broseidon in Dead Island 2.

Get Brock’s Key

In order to get Brock’s Keys, you will have to kill a Crusher Type Zombie named “Goat Pen Brock”. Now, if you go around the house, you will not find that zombie anywhere because it will spawn when you come back to the house at Night time. To do that, you will have to go through the main story and go to the Halperin Hotel to call the authorities. Complete the mission and fight your first boss named “Becki the Bride” to return back to Bel-Air in the nighttime.

When you get back, it will be night and you can go back to Brock’s House. You need to go to the Gym area right next to the Swimming Pool and you will find the Goat Pen Brock inside the gym. You need to defeat Goat Pen Brock in order to get the keys. He has the same moves as Becki the Bride because both of them are the same type of zombies so, it should not be difficult to defeat him.

Brock's Safe Key

Unlock the Safe of Broseidon

Once you have defeated Goat Pen Brock, grab the keys from his body and then go to the Safe location. Interact with the safe to unlock it and you will get a rare weapon for your troubles.

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