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Digimon Survive: Perfect Answers to Befriend Numemon



Digimon Survive: Perfect Answers to Befriend Numemon

In Digimon Survive, you’ll face several Digimon throughout the story of the game and unlock them as your own unit. You can also get other Digimon as well from the Free Battle “Free Bat”. These Digimon will become your friend and then you can put them in the battle to fight as your unit.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can befriend Numemon in Digimon Survive.

How to Befriend Numemon

In order to befriend Numemon, you’d have to talk to it and befriend it. Numemon cannot talk so, you would have to understand its gestures in order to communicate with it.

Numemon can be found in the Woods by School Area. Open the World Map and go to School Area, choose the Free Battle to start the Battle and you’ll face Numemom. Select your unit and start the battle. You’ll get several choices to do in the battle but you want to select the “Talk” option and go to the Foe tab and select Numemon. The camera will switch to Numemon and it will start making gestures which are basically the questions. It will make three gestures and you’d have to choose the right option from the given four options. When you give the right answer, two bars will fill above the head of Numemon. When all 6 bars are filled, Numemon will become your friend and then you can use it in your unit in the next battle.

Perfect Answers to Befriend Numemon

The following options are the perfect answers to befriend Numemon.

  • [Prepare to fight.]
  • [Gesture.]
  • [Give it some food.]
Perfect Answers to Befriend Numemon

After getting all of the answers right, Numemon will be impressed with you and will give you the gesture of what you want. You can ask for items as well from Numemon but if you want to befriend it then select the “Be my Friend” option and it will be added to your unit.

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