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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Best Fighter Beginners Build



Dragon’s Dogma 2: Best Fighter Beginners Build

Starting your journey as an Arisen will require you to select a vocation from four different available vocations. If you are confident with a sword and a shield then there is no better option than choosing your path as a Fighter. This vocation is one of the best vocations as it offers both offensive and defensive maneuvers in combat allowing you to play more strategically in the fights.

Pursuing your journey as a Fighter will let you rank up the Fighter Vocation unlocking new weapon skills, core skills, and augmentations that are essential to making a powerful build for the Fighter character. The Fighter is mainly a tank character that can stand stronger against the enemy and can hold off the enemy better than any other class.

For all strategic tactics, offensive/defensive skills, core skills and augmentations, and the best equipment for the Fighter vocation early in the game keep on reading this guide.

All Usable Weapons for Fighter Vocation

There are three weapons that can be used by the Fighter class. Sword, Mace, and Shield. Sword and Mace are the offensive weapons whereas, the Shield is used for blocking and parrying incoming attacks. If you have to choose between a Mace or a Sword, then we recommend you select the Sword weapon as it is used for slashing attack and if you pared it up with a shield, you will be able to strike attack with the Shield Bash weapon skill.

Mace on the other hand only does striking attacks and you cannot get much potential out of it if you pared it up with a shield. The shield also has its own uses in combat and the essential one is blocking the incoming attacks. Blocking the attacks by holding the R1/RB button does cost you stamina but it lets you stand your ground. However, heavy attacks do have consequences that will knock your character to the ground so, it is better to dash to the side from an incoming heavy attack.

Furthermore, you can unlock the Counter Slash weapon skill which allows you to parry an incoming attack if done at the perfect time. Parrying an incoming attack will stun the enemies for a short period allowing you to hit them with a heavy attack of your own to deal extensive damage or you can use one of your offensive weapon skills.

All Best Weapon Skills for Fighter in Early Game

You can equip four different Weapon Skills at a time which you get to unlock from the Vocation Guild store. As you rank up Fighter Vocation, you will unlock more weapon skills at the store which you can acquire with DCP, a currency that is granted as you defeat the enemies. The best four weapon skills that you should equip in your Fighter class are the following.

  • Blink Strike
  • Airward Slash
  • Counter Slash
  • Shield Bash

The Blink Strike is the primary weapon skill that is pre-equipped in Fighter class. It will let you charge against the enemy and stab them for a decent amount of damage. It is mainly useful at the start of a fight as you get to strike first and cover range quickly among your party and the enemies.

The Airward Slash is a must-grab skill as it allows you to attack airborne enemies easily as well as giant enemies directly without requiring you to grab onto them. Attacking the airborne enemies with Airward Slash will drop them to ground allowing you to use your heavy attacks or other weapon skills.

Counter Slash is crucial against the ground enemies as you will be able to parry their attacks and stun them. Instead of blocking their attacks, parrying will cost less stamina and it will give you an opportunity to land a critical hit on a vulnerable enemy.

Lastly, Shield Bash is great for countering the enemies with a shield or just sending the smaller enemies flying in the air. This ability works great with Blink Strike as both of them allow you to cover ground and deal a decent amount of damage.

Best Core Skills & Augmentations for Fighter in Early Game

For the Core Skills, you want to acquire all of them as they increase the passive abilities of the Fighter. However, if you are confused about which ones to acquire first then you should go for the following two.

  • Tusk Toss
  • Steeled Foundation

Tusk Toss allows you to send lightweight enemies into the air by holding the attack button which is great for knocking them over and finishing them with an additional heavy attack or weapon skill.

Steeled Foundation is a defensive skill that allows you to take less damage from falling off great heights. It is useful in the outer world during exploration as you can easily run off from the cliffs.

The early augmentations that you need to equip on Fighter are Mettle and Thew. Mettle increases your defensive stats whereas, Thew allows you to increase the carrying capacity or weight capacity. Furthermore, if you have ranked up a Mage even to Rank 2, you will be able to equip the Exaltation augmentation as it increases the Stamina Recovery speed. As stamina is more crucial for a tank character it is best to recover stamina as soon as possible in the fights.

Best Equipment for Fighter in Early Game

The best Equipment for Fighter is mainly their Sword and a Shield, you don’t need heavyweight armor to prevent incoming attacks as you will be using your shield for most of the time. However, if you are interested in getting decent armor that can carry you on for several hours on the journey, then grab the Marcher’s Armor Set for free in Vernworth Castle.

Upon saving thousands of Gold on an Armor Set, use Gold to purchase a better Sword and a Shield. When you have reached Vernworth, go to a Blacksmith to purchase the Vermundian Brand sword for 13,800 Gold. It has a strength of 314 and can also be enhanced to increase it further. For the Shield, you can purchase the Shield of Vernworth for 8,700 Gold from the blacksmith.

These are the early game equipment for Fighter so, as you explore more of the world and progress further ahead in the story, feel free to change to other stronger weapons with more base damage.

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