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For the King 2: How to Remove All Curses



For the King II - Remove Curse

Keeping your characters well and healed is one of the crucial things in For the King 2 as the Fahrul world is a treacherous place filled with various deadly creatures who will not hesitate to hunt you and your characters down. Characters can get low on health after a long encounter with the enemies and even catch a curse that will stay on until you remove it.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to remove all curses in For the King 2.

How to Remove All Curses in For the King 2

There are 7 different types of curses that your characters can be inflicted with during combat. Every curse endures a certain stat of the character by -25 reducing the survival chances for the character for future encounters.

  • Feeble endures Strength stat.
  • Unwell endures Vitality stat.
  • Foolish endures Intelligence stat.
  • Blind endures Awareness stat.
  • Clumsy endures Talent stat.
  • Lethargic endures Speed stat.
  • Unlucky endures Luck stat.

If one of your characters has been inflicted with any one of the curses, you need to remove it by acquiring services from Priest in any of the towns. You will venture through various towns while traveling in the overworld and if you are close to one of the safe places, move your cursed character to the service area and select the Priest option. It will cost you 10 Gold and grant you the Blessing service which will remove all curses. Alternatively, you can Hag’s Bane or Precious Pearl in the overworld as well as during combat to remove all curses but they are more exotic materials and hard to come by.

Keep in mind that ailments cannot be recovered from the priest service as they can only be healed by acquiring the Healer service. The healer service is also acquired from a safe place in any town you visit.

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