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Guide to fast leveling up in New World: Best methods to farm EXP



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If you want to level up fast in New World, here we leave you some of the best methods to farm experience that exist within the new Amazon MMORPG.

Leveling up quickly in New World can make a difference with the rest of the players and make us become a benchmark within each game session.

Progress in an MMORPG of these characteristics is always necessary and doing it quickly is much more recommended. In case you want to level up quickly in New World, here we leave you a series of useful tips.

Guide to fast leveling up in New World: Best methods to farm EXP

The best method to gain experience is to follow and complete the missions in the New World story or campaign. These will give you the EXP you need to progress according to the standards of the game.

The secondary missions also mean a good amount of points, which can come in handy in the face of the challenges of the story mode and be better prepared for them. Be sure to visit the locations on the map to find these types of missions.

In these settlements, you can also access a series of projects that will allow you to level up and boost your experience more than usual.

You should not forget the farming and it is that getting materials and collecting all kinds of resources gives you general experience and also points in your individual skills.

Lastly, two methods of earning large amounts of XP are by completing dungeons and by clearing corrupted portals. While these are tough challenges, the gains are worth it: 4,000 XP and 3,000 XP respectively.

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