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Halo Infinite – Boss Tremonius: how to beat?



Halo Infinite - Boss Tremonius: how to beat?

After activating the last elevator in the “Underdeck” mission, you will begin your first major encounter in Halo Infinite. Your enemy will be a boss named Tremonius.

He will be accompanied by two companions with a shield, so get rid of them first. After that, it is recommended to use the plasma rifle, which is on the weapon rack to the left of the elevator activator. Thanks to this type of weapon, you can quickly destroy the boss’s shields, and the gun in question is also good at taking a lot of health from him. It is certainly much more profitable than a rifle with ordinary cartridges.

Tremonius is not mobile, but he can recover shields and jump towards your character. The latter is signaled – when you see that the enemy is floating in the air, change your position as soon as possible (preferably using a rope with a hook). If you don’t, Tremonius will try to crush you, destroying all your protection.

The fight isn’t very demanding, as long as you use the plasma rifle. If you run out of ammunition for it, remember that there are crates with this type of ammunition scattered around the arena.

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