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Harvestella: How to Fix Broken Bridges



Harvestella: How to Fix Broken Bridges

In the world of Harvestella, you’ll be going to see many broken bridges in different areas and it is all due to the growth of Quietus or the strengthening of Seaslight. Players will encounter these bridges throughout the main story of the game as well as the secret location in different areas. They’ll have to fix the bridge in order to cross it to progress or find the hidden chests on the other side of the bridge.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to fix the broken bridges in Harvestella.

Fixing Broken Bridges

There are many Broken Bridges spread out in the world of Harvestella and the players can even find the broken bridge near the house of the character in Bird’s Eye Brae if the players haven’t explored the starting area in the first chapter then they’ll encounter their first broken bridge at the end of chapter 2. When players reach the High Canyon, they’ll have to fix the broken bridge to get to the other side to progress in the main story.

At this point of the game, players will meet the NPC that’ll tell them about the Repair Kit that can be used to repair the broken bridge. However, you’ll get the Repair Kit from him for the first time but you’ll have to craft the Repair Kits for further Broken Bridges in the game. You can also find Repair Kits throughout the game as well so make sure to find the Repair Kits.

You’ll unlock the recipe of the Repair Kit and you’ll be able to craft it at the Crafting Table in your house. You’ll be going to need 1 Lumber and 1 Hard Stone as materials for it and you can find Hard stone by mining the nearby boundaries of different areas of the map. Lumber can be found in the chests. Once you’ve got the materials, make your way to the crafting table and select the Repair Kit to craft it. It’ll take 20 minutes to craft the repair kit.

To fix the broken bridge, go to the bridge and interact with it. You’ll get to use 1 Repair Kit on the broken Bridge and it’ll take 1 hour to fix the bridge but don’t worry, you don’t have to wait an hour for the bridge to be fixed, it’ll be instantly fixed, and the time will move 1 hour ahead. Every bridge takes 1 hour to be repaired but the good thing is that you don’t have to repair the bridge every time. Once it is fixed, it’ll be permanent.

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