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Harvestella: Stamina System – Guide



Harvestella: Stamina System – Guide

Harvestella is a simulation role-playing game and it has different mechanics of farming, crafting, mining, cooking, and much more but all of these activities consume the stamina of the character. Stamina is important as the Hp of the character because it lets your character keep going through the day and players do want to keep their stamina above 0.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how the stamina system works in Haverstella.

Stamina System

The simulation of Harvestella is similar to the other simulation and farming games and those games also include a stamina system just like in Harvestella. The Stamina of the character is consumed by the activities that you perform throughout the day in the village or any other area of Harvestella. Daily activities like farming, fishing, fighting, and mining will consume the Stamina of the character.

Stamina will make your character keep going for the day and you’ll fulfill every action that you perform if you have the stamina but if your stamina hits zero, you’ll not be able to perform any action. You’ll have to regenerate the stamina to continue the grind or journey in Harvestella. There are two basic ways to regenerate Stamina.

  • Sleeping
  • Eating Food


If your stamina is very low and you don’t have any food in your inventory or you are near your house then you can go to the house and interact with your bed to sleep on it. Sleeping will regenerate the character’s stamina but the day will be skipped because when you sleep in Harvestella, the game ends the current day and your character wakes up the next morning. So, for any work that you were doing, you’ll have to do it the next day after regenerating the stamina.

Eating Food

The other method to regenerate the stamina of your character is to eat food from your inventory. Keeping the food with your character is very important because you can run out of stamina during the fight and you’ll have to regenerate the stamina to fight with the enemies. Food will regenerate the stamina as well as the HP of the character instantly as well as gradually.

Some food items regenerate stamina gradually and some food items regenerate it instantly. So, if you are following a quest or in another area then you’d have to eat the food to regain the stamina, and then you’ll be able to perform all of the activities.

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