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High on Life: Bounty of Krubis – Walkthrough



High on Life: Bounty of Krubis – Walkthrough

High on Life has many bosses that players will have to defeat throughout the main story of the game. Players will have to start their bounty and hunt for them to take them down. After players have completed the bounty of 9-Torg, they will get to start their new bounty of Krubis.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the bounty of Krubis in High on Life.

Bounty of Krubis – Walkthrough

Krubis is a G3 Chief of Furgle who can be found only in Zephyr Paradise. Players will have to accept its bounty after getting the Dodge ability from Mr. Keeps in the Blim City. After that, players will get to accept its bounty by interacting with the Bounty 5000 machine in the house. Accepting Krubis’s bounty will open a portal on the right side of the bounty 5000 machine. Players will have to go inside the teleport to reach the Zephyr Paradise location.

Players will get to a place named “Jungle Overlook” in Zephyr Paradise and they have to look for Krubis on the planet. The jungle and this planet have different types of flowers that can be opened by shooting the Green Globe so keep your eye on them to easily cross through the area by opening the flowers. Use the Info Scanner to see the waypoint on the screen. Follow the waypoint and you will run into G3 Cartel enemies so, make sure to kill them.

You will be making your way by opening the flowers above the river of Sludge and rocks. So, you will have to use multiple abilities at once as well. You will be using Tether Ability along with Dodge’s ability to dash ahead. So, make your way ahead until you reach the Village of Moplets. You will have to kill G3 Cartel enemies and save the village from them. The leader of the village will thank you and will be grateful if you kill Krubis. You will ask him about the location of krubis but no one will know his exact location. However, he will tell you that there is a friend of Krubis living on the other side of the river in a Mansion.

The alien living in the Mansion has a Warp device that can be used to teleport different things so, you might be able to teleport to Krubis or make Krubis teleport to you. You will have to find a way around the river to reach the Mansion and if you use the Info Scanner, it will take you from the waterfall. Follow the waypoint and you will see a structure in the river. Kill the enemies on the structure and then jump on the structure. Go to the other side and open the flowers to climb up.

Follow through the path and you will come up on a platform with launchers. You will have to lower the barricades first by shooting with Glob Shots and then you need to stand at the back side of the barricade and shoot the front side of the barricade to launch you up to the other side. You will see a ramp lift up against the rock. You need to use the Glob Shot on the rock so it can bounce off and hit the ramp to lower it. Jump on the ramp and then use Tether’s ability to use the zipline. Make sure to shoot the ramps while using the zipline to get through.

You will reach a facility and you need to go up on the roof through the stairs and use the cable car wire with Tether ability to go to the other side. There will be a shop on the bottom floor as well. If you want to buy upgrades for Kenny then you can buy them as well. Go to the left side and into the jungle. You will get to fight many G3 cartel enemies and frog aliens. Once you have killed them, make your way to the other side of the rock to reach the Mansion.

High on Life: Bounty of Krubis – Walkthrough

Go inside the Mansion from the door and you will meet an Alien who is waiting for Furgles. He will be thinking that you are the delivery guy and he will give you the Warp Remote from his device. You will be able to use the Warp Remote to get back to Moplet’s Village. Go outside of the mansion and follow the waypoint to go into a portal. Stand inside the portal and your character will use the Warp Remote but it will need a Warp Disc. You will have a Highway Warp Disc so, use it to bring a Highway on the river. Use the Highway to cross the river and go to Moplet’s Village.

Moplet Elder will give you the access code of mines which will have the coordinates of Krubis. Mine will be on the left side. Go to the mine door and interact with the locker to unlock the mine door. Go inside and follow the path to go along the river to reach Ge Cartel Outpost. Clear the outpost from the enemies and enter inside a lift that will take you down into the mines. Now, you will need to find Krubis’s Coordinates. Follow through the path of the mines and clear out the areas from the enemies and you will reach a control room with a switch to turn off the lasers. Turn off the lasers and go to the next tunnel.

bounty of krubis

Open the plant and use the Glob Shot to lower the ramp. Jump on it and go ahead to go inside an office on the left side. Talk to the receptionist and you will go inside the office. Do the Paperwork by pressing the buttons on the screen to get access to Krubis’s office. Use the computer in Krubis’s office to get his coordinates. Now, you just have to find a blank Warp Disc to insert the coordinates. Go outside of the office and follow the path to meet more Moplets. Ask them about the blank Warp Disc and they will tell you the location where you can find the Warp Disc.

Clear the area from the enemies and go into the base to find the disc. After getting the disc, go outside and use the Warp Remote and insert the disc to free Moplet Prince. Meet the Prince and he will give you a Blank Disc. Now, make your way back to the mansion by using the Tether Ability on bugs. Go up and you will come to the Mansion. Go inside the mansion and use Ranchy’s Warp Disc Encoder. Interact with the Encoder to use it and you will get Krubis Warp Disc.

Go outside of the Mansion and use the Warp Remote to bring krubis to your location. After that, you will get to defeat him in a boss battle. You can also check our detailed guide on how to defeat Krubis to see how to defeat him easily. After defeating him, you will get a new gun named Gus which is a Shotgun. You will be able to use it to clear out the enemies more quickly at a close range.

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